Think Event, Do Event @ Bijan

THINKing of an EVENT? Then DO the EVENT!😊
Festives, Engagements, Baby Showers, Corporate Dinner, … you named them..
Share the occasion, together with your good people, family and friends. Organise and invite them to your event held here at Bijan.
Bijan offers good food, good space and services for your guests for the event. (Min 50 Pax)
50 pax      : $40+ (per pax)
100 pax
    : $35+ (per pax)
150 pax
    : $30+ (per pax)
200 pax
    : $25+ (per pax)
The THINK EVENT, DO EVENT package is inclusive of Venue, Food and Services.
Complimentary usage of the sound system.

For further enquiries, contact us at 83994947.