• Had order the Bento set from Bijan for our daughter walimatus urus. Allhamdulillah..🤲🏼. Food was great & all the guests loved ❤️ and enjoyed it. Price was very much affordable 👍🏼 Despite receiving the food in the morning, the food still tasted fresh when i ate it in the evening! Hope Bijan can maintain it. May their business prosper in the years to come! Insyaallah.

    Mariani Mahmood

  • First for most I am very doubtful with Bijan....due to negetive feedback I heard but Bijan prove me wrong..Thank you for the wonderful food provided by them .Even my guest said the same thing...Thanking evryone there

    Maslinah Mashimoro Mokhtar

  • And lastly the FOOD WASSSSSSS Awesomeeee!!!! All our guests love it. My uncles and aunt kept adding and full tuck in their tummy. The Briyani, the chicken, prawn masalah. Masya Allah. Best selling - Teh tarik. Michellin award. The food was awesome.

    Marina Tahir

  • Love the food .. had second helping .. keep the great food coming 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Lin N Kamal

  • Thank you so much Bijan especially Ms Sangeetha who is so helpful in everyway and always fast in answering all my worried questions. Alhamdulillah our event went off smoothly yesterday. No big hiccups and guests were hapy with the food n embience. Overall we are satisfied with their service. Thank you once again for making this special event a successful one. ❤️

    Aniza Eusope

  • We can write this all day long but it will never be adequate to describe the heavenly gratitude we have for Bijan for making our small celebration seems like fireworks on new year's day. From the deepest bottom of our hearts, thank you to the all-black sister at the food corner, every single one at the food corner, the safe entry staffs, Razeki Awang the great DJ, Sageetha who make it possible for us to use Bijan and, last but not least, the kitchen people for cooking up a marvellous spread. BarakAllahu Fik.

    Sab Haida Alwi


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