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Elegant Wedding Concepts

Celebrate Your Union with Bijan’s All-Inclusive Love Bond Wedding Packages!

At Bijan, we tailor our wedding experiences to accommodate your celebration in the most elegant way. Our glamorous venues are designed for exclusive ‘one time seating’, ensuring comfort and exclusivity for you and your guests.

B’Sayang – Perfect for up to 100 guests at a time.

B’Majestic – Spacious for up to 200 guests at a moment.

B’Luxe – Grand for a one-time seating of 300 guests.

Our tiered packages cater to your guest count, ensuring a memorable and lavish dining experience for each one of them.

Bijan invites you to witness the merging of epic tales and elegant festivities. Step through the archways into a world where every love story is celebrated with the splendor it deserves. Know more.